'Passchendaele Centenary' wins Design Week 'Best Of Show' and a BAFTA!

To mark the centenary of Passchendaele, Third Battle of Ypres, the DCMS held a series of commemorative events. One of these special events took place in Ypres Market square. Presented in front of the formidable Cloth hall a building standing at 125 metres wide and 70 metres tall. Watched by approximately 8,000 guests and broadcast live by the BBC to an audience which peaked at 1.5 million.

Working within the team at Kate Dawkins, we were responsible for the design, animation, and delivery of all the projection content. Joining forces with AV leaders, Creative Technology to deliver this epic, breathtaking and incredibly emotional story that played out on this giant, multi-sided building. 58 projectors across 7 towers projected a colossal 133,632,000 pixels seamlessly across the front, clock tower and side facades