Less Time Cooking! More Time Winning!

OK. We know you're busy, so we'll keep this short.  Pot Noodle is the UK's number 1 instant hot snack.  It's also one of Britain's most iconic brands.  But over the years, it had become associated with Slacker culture. While this had worked brilliantly for previous generations, it was out of touch with today's 18-24s. 
So Lucky Generals flipped its key brand benefit - simplicity - so that it appealed to today's go-getters.  Now, spend less time reading blurb like this and more time smashing it on multiple levels

I was stoked to work with my new client, Lucky Generals, for Pot Noodle on this new ad. We worked up the end card for this TVC that airs this Saturday during the X Factor!


Client: Lucky Generals for Pot Noodle, Unilever
Directed by Nick Ball, Blink
Motion Graphics: James Andrew Cook